Keep the browser window active on screen for much better mining performance

Mining speed is many times higher when the browser window is active. We recommend you to use CryptoTab browser for everyday needs like favorite websites surfing, watching movies online, etc.

The more active people you refer – the more Bitcoin you get monthly

It is important to explain benefits of active CryptoTab browser usage to people that you invite, because it allows them to earn much more money and increase your personal income.

How to start earning

Invite as many new users as you can. You will receive a percentage from the earnings of all users who joined using your personal link.

  • The 2-in-1 solution, browse and mine at the same time with ease

  • Sync your browser data on multiple devices

  • Built-in mining algorithm increases your mining speed up to 8 times compared to extension format

  • 10-level referral network system

  • Payouts straight to BTC wallet at any time

  • Get more than 1 BTC! Develop the network and get your rewards!